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Devarayanadurga - Exploring rocks and hills

After exploring Namadha Chilume,we headed towards Devarayanadurga, which is less than a kilometer. Devarayanadurga is a small hill station in Tumkur. The huge rocky hills are surrounded by forest. The place is amidst nature and gives you great views of the town. The hills are at an altitude of 3940 feet. The road includes few moderate sharp curves. At the base of the hill is the Bhoganarasimha temple and on the top of the hill is the Yoganarasimha temple. The Yoganarasimha temple on the top of the hill is installed by lord Brahma and the Bhoganarasimha is installed by Durvasa rushigalu. [caption id="attachment_1758" align="alignnone" width="5184"] The motorable road to the hilltop[/caption] Sooner we reached the foothill. Take the left turn to visit Bhoganarasimha temple or continue straight along the hills to reach Yoganarasimha temple. There are steps foothill to reach the top. Also,there is a motorable path to reach the top, which we preferred. The r

Namada Chilume - Spring of Tilaka

Many times, we plan and visit places situated far away from Bengaluru. In this chase, we forget to visit and admire closer to us. This weekend I had the same thought. Tumkur is the neighbouring district of Namma Bengaluru. I had visited Tumkur, but to the same handful of places. When I researched, I was surprised to see Tumkur is much more. I messaged my friend circle and without any second thoughts, all were ready. Woot! :D Namadha Chilume was the first place in the list of exploring Tumkur. Highlights : Distance from Bengaluru : 70 km Places explored : Namadha Chilume, Deer Park. Mode of transport : Car Type : Weekend, Nature, Sight-seeing Ideal for : Friends, Couples & Family Companions : 6 friends (Me, Teju, Rakshit, Prasant, Pradeep, Tharun) Budget : Fuel, Food. Mode of Transport Tumkur is just 1 to 2 hours from Bengaluru. It's an awesome and nearest weekend getaway from the city. Tumkur is reachable by train, bus and private vehicles. The neare

Hirekolale - The Beautiful lake in Chikmagalur

Just imagine an early morning, pleasant weather, an isolated beautiful lake, surrounded by huge mountains, a view point at the center of the lake and you standing there, with a cup of hot coffee.... Isn't that a fantastic feeling ??  :D. This imagination can be turned real. Yes, Hirekolale lake which is in Chikmagalur can fetch such great feeling  <3. Hirekolale lake is just 10kms journey from the center of Chikmagalur. It is a beautiful man-made lake, which was built as a purpose of water supply to the town and irrigation to farms. The way to reach Chikmagalur is mentioned in  Mullayyanagiri – Highest Peak of Karnataka ! . We had stayed in Basavanahalli. We had planned to leave to Bengaluru the next day. In the mean time, Teju's relative suggested a visit to this lake early morning. Now I thank him, for that suggestion. It was worth visiting  :).  It can be visited throughout the year. Next day, Early morning at 7am we started driving to Hirekolale. This place can be easily

Kalathgiri - The Cascading waterfalls

Hi, Welcome back ! In the previous post , I had shared moments of trekking Mullayyanagiri (   Mullayyanagiri trek  ), which rejuvenated our minds. The lush green , cool breeze everywhere, after a day of adventurous trekking, we were longing for a relaxation. What more than water, can relax you. So, we had this plan of Kalathgiri / Kalhatti waterfalls. Kalathgiri falls  is around 2hours drive from Chikmagalur (60kms). From Kemmanagundi, it is just 10kms. The place has an ancient temple of Lord Shiva (Veerabhadreshwara), situated between the rocks and the waterfalls. We arrived at Kalathgiri and the place was full of people. The crowd was big, with lots of devotees and tourists. This disappointed few of us. We visited the temple on the other side of the falls. The temple was built in 13th century. At the entrance, there are carvings of elephants and Lord Shiva on which the falls cascades. We noticed few people climbing the rocks and walking towards the waterfalls. We were curious and w

Mullayanagiri - Highest Peak of Karnataka !

Post Monsoon, the Western Ghats of Karnataka welcomes  the adventurous trekkers. One can rediscover the beautiful greenery, cool breeze, mountain views and nature's spirit.The Western Ghats encloses several mountain ranges and is home to various flora and fauna. Among which, the highest peak of Karnataka - Mullayanagiri (6,300 feet) is a paradise to trekkers. The peak is located in the western ghats of Chikmagalur. It derives its name from the tomb of Saint Mulappa Swamy, which is located at the peak. The saint is said to have meditated in the caves surrounding this hill. A small Shiva temple exists on the summit. You can see the complete Western Ghat ranges from the summit. Highlights : [caption id="attachment_3021" align="alignright" width="300"] NH4[/caption] Distance from Bengaluru : 280 km Places to explore  : Mullayanagiri Mode of transport : Car / TT Type : Trek, Nature Ideal for : Friends Companions : 15 friends Budget : Fuel and Food.