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Melukote, Thonnur lake and Ranganathittu - A memorable day outing

Melukote was on my travel list on finding out that ancient temple architecture to many movie songs being shot there. It sounded a sublime place for a weekend outing - 150kms from Bengaluru. Also, It had been a long time I met my LG friends. This was so perfect to call out for a weekend drive. Dragged out my friends - Teju, Pradeep, Sud, Rocky for a hangout and there we go !! Melukote Melukote is famous for Cheluvanarayanaswamy and Yoganarasimha temples. The place gained importance after the Srivaishnava reformer Ramanujacharya lived here for 14 years. Many devotees of Sri Vaishnava and Brahmin cult visit here to seek blessings frequently. We were excited to explore the temple architecture and the ancient remains. The journey towards Melukote So, the journey started on a Saturday morning. We were pleased with Pradeep's driving adventures ;) So we gave him a chance to drive this trip. On the other hand, we did not have any better option! That's a different story !! :D We had plan