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Tannirbhavi beach - Pine trees, beach huts and a glimpse of fishing

With the divine temple tour of Kateel , we felt blessed and bright in hearts. The clock ticked 2 pm, the sun was high and we had to depart from Kateel. Beach and Mangalore are so analogous in Karnataka. Visiting Mangalore without stepping into a beach doesn't sound good. On checking beaches nearby, I found Panambur beach and Tannirbhavi beach Mangalore . Panambur beach is famous and attracts a major crowd on weekends. We wanted to spend some peaceful time away from the chaos of people. So we chose to visit Tannirbhavi beach and a watch tower called Sultan battery which is closely located. The drive Tannirbahvi beach is one of the secluded beaches of Mangalore. It is notable for white silvery sand and spectacular sunsets. From Kateel, We took Bajpe road and en route to Kuloor bridge road to reach Tannirbhavi beach. Though the road adjacent to Gurupura river is narrow, it offered good views of the river as we drove. [caption id="attachment_6152" align="alignnone&qu

Kateel temple - A True feel of divinity

A glimpse of Maravanthe beach playing on the mind, the next plan was a quick drive to Mangalore and return back to Udupi.  It was 10:30am when we routed to Mangalore to visit Kateel temple. Since childhood, Mangalore is dear to my heart as I had heard a lot about it from my  Mangalore friends <3 Though it is a black box for me, I had good references to Mangalore culture.  Bhoota kola, Yakshagaana, Dollu kunitha being their iconic dance forms. Also, I cannot stop myself from praising the pathrode and neer dose . Obviously, for non-vegetarians, it is a paradise for seafood. We had an interesting discussion on the various angles of Mangalore among us. Kateel Durgaparameshwari temple is an ancient temple and is the Goddess of Shakti worshipped largely by the coastal areas of Karnataka. As I had observed, most Mangaloreans would have a photo of Kateel devi in their home. So, this had made me curious to visit this temple whenever I would be in Mangalore. Many great personalities visi

Maravanthe beach - Bond of sea and river

Alarm striking 6 am !! Recalling the journey of the previous day [ Udupi Krishna temple , Kere Basadi and Agumbe drive ], I  dismissed the alarm and opened my eyes. A quick walk to the balcony to enjoy the morning bliss. The birds chirping and a calm stream of water. Within few minutes aunty offered me a cup of coffee with a smile to greet the day. Just a perfect morning to wake up for !! <3 Early morning, we had to visit Shwetha' s grandparents at a small place near Kundapura . We freshened up soon and surprisingly Rocky was ready first !! :P This is the other way on all other trips. Anyways, aunty told us to come soon for breakfast. Pradeep and Tharun were still asleep. They would be joining us after we come back. All set and we started off from Brahmavara at 7 am. Drive - Brahmavara to Kundapura An early morning drive on the NH66 highway . The environment was so fresh, and Rocky tuned up his playlist - Punjabi songs on the go !! :D Good vibes! I completely enjoy long drives