Sterling Holidays - Redefining the experiential holidays in India

An email notification popped up!

Glanced at the phone and a small voice in my mind read the notification subject - Bangalore Blogger's meet - Jan 12th - organised by Thrillophilia. Quickly opened the email with excitement to view an invitation to the blogger's meet. I was overjoyed and thrilled to be a part of Blogger's meet. It would be a great opportunity meet the fellow bloggers in the community to meet them in person and exchange the travel interests.

The intention of the meet was the revelation of the renewed identity of Sterling Holidays. I had noticed Sterling resorts during Goa vacation planning. The Sterling resorts at Goa looked beautiful and had definitely impressed me. Thus, I looked forward to attending this event and explore more on the vision of Sterling Holidays.

On 12th Jan, I reached the Fortune Select JP Cosmos late by 30 minutes i.e 6:30pm. Hurrying up! It was my first visit to this 4-star hotel located in the heart of the city. I just glanced into the hotel interiors and peeped into the reception uttering - Sterling holidays event. They pointed to the lift and said 2nd floor.

Fantastic banners set up at the entrance depicting the motto of the event - Let's make India Holiday Differently. Seemed Curious and Interesting. I could hear the event had already started so I hurried up. I registered at the reception and moved in. The host organised an icebreaker game to blend the group of 20 bloggers. Smiles exchanged with a glimpse of names.

The event started with a quick introduction to the speaker of the day - Mr Peshwa Acharya, CMO of Sterling Holidays. Being a professional man he has travelled across the world for 25 years. He happily says that every day is interesting working for a holiday company like Sterling where his job meets his passion. Believe me, a two-minute conversation with him and he inspired me what travel means and how to see a location with its heart through traveller's eyes. He shared his insights on experiential holidays.

Trend of Holidaying Today

Increased Travel Story of India - Over the years, the number of people travelling for leisure has increased tremendously. With the places to travel, people mostly look out for short getaways for quick hangouts. This has also resulted in the emergence of holiday segments - FB groups where like-minded people travel with similar interests.

Individual Discoveries - In a family trip, though the destination is the same, perspectives of an individual towards the place is different based on one's interest.

Experience is what the travellers need - Holidays are no more a must visit places in a location. The people are interested in themed holidays and curated experiences. The crowd is more curious about discovering the culture, food and specialities of the place.

Sterling Holidays

Experiential Holiday company - Sterlings has a great vision to redefine holidays with a perfect combination themed experiences, unique destinations and vacation ownership. The

Nature trails and

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