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5 Reasons to join SHEROES - Women Travel Community

Being a traveller since 2+ years, I have been asked by people around me what inspires me to travel every now and then. Many times, I just say them that's what I love to do, exploring the new places quenches my wanderlust soul. Sharing the travel experiences to the world is something which makes me happy. Between through this journey, I have met a lot of people with travel interests and we have remained as best friends. In fact, I was more thrilled to meet the adventurous women who enjoy trekking and similar travel interests.

[caption id="attachment_6627" align="aligncenter" width="640"] When I enjoyed the chilling climate Kodaikanal on an early morning[/caption]

Every woman has to travel

Few women who discuss with me also love to travel. But unfortunately, they are held up by internal forces and the desire just dies within. I strongly feel they are missing the world out there which is vast. We have one life and our time on earth is limited and the world is infinitely marvellous.

  • Discover your capability - Because every woman is capable of so much more than they originally thought. It is just the comfort zone/social mindset/default roles of the woman which chains her to the household. Once she breaks them free, she can discover her potential.

  • Face your fear - For a woman to move out of the home and travel - there is a fear of an unknown place, fear of getting lost or fear of losing connect, fear of knowing anyone new. Break the fear and toss it away to the sea. Embrace the new experiences, visit an unexplored place once in 3 months, talk to strangers who are travellers. The experience is undoubtedly exciting, Believe me.

[caption id="attachment_6629" align="aligncenter" width="640"] When I loved the amazing sunset hues at Kapu beach, Udupi[/caption]

Benefits of Travel Community

In the routine life, there are at times when you desperately "need a break" and refresh the mind. A tourist place/destination with a huge crowd can just give you places to visit and things to do. This doesn't satisfy the modern day travellers, they are in search of experiences and moments that they can enjoy. In this scenario, we might search internet ocean and might get some clues, but not at will be reliable. So who can help for any matter of travel - the answer is a travel community! A community of travel-minded people who have the passion to travel and inspire others also travel.

  • A place to belong - Sometimes, it is just about finding a tribe. Everyone in the travel community is filled with travel enthusiasm and aims to travel worldwide.

  • A place of experiences - The travel stories in the community will definitely inspire to get out and go there.

  • A place to connect - One place that connects you to any traveller and to follow their travel journey.

  • A place to help - Helping someone on the travel queries builds up one's profile and helps in developing bondings with fellow travellers

  • A place to reach an expert - Facing any travel related questions. The experts are just a ping away to reach out.

As you read above, a travel community is a boon to travel lovers. It gives a great practical exposure to the travel world. It's a small world within itself. There are a lot of travel communities online, which to follow is the biggest confusion. That is when I found SHEROES

SHEROES - Women Travel Community

SHEROES - a one-stop destination for all women. “THINK WOMEN THINK SHEROES”

[caption id="attachment_6628" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Sheroes - Communities for women[/caption]

SHEROES is a women’s platform. SHEROES provides Communities for Women are safe, trusted spaces, where members discuss travel, health, careers, relationships, and share their life stories, achievements and moments. Here are the five reasons to join the women's travel community - SHEROES

#1. Ocean of experiences

Modern woman traveller is no more destination seeker, she demands experiences. Instead of visiting Ooty and check out the tourist spots, how about spending time in a tea estate and pluck some leaves, know the process of tea making or even visiting the Toda tribe of Niligiris. This is what a travel community can offer you and internet cannot.

[caption id="attachment_6634" align="aligncenter" width="463"] Travel articles to inspire everyday[/caption]

#2. Interaction with like-minded people.

It's a network of travellers that connects you directly to any traveller at any place. Suppose you badly wanted to trek to the Western Ghats in the coming week, and your friends do not turn up. Just a post on community might help you connect with the interested women and ready for the adventurous hike.

[caption id="attachment_6630" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Peer to peer interaction[/caption]

#3. Share your travel experiences

A community is not just a platform to seek but also to give back. A woman is incredibly strong, once she travels she has two times the experiences to share with the world.  Any travel experience from a nearby picnic to a great trek to the Himalayas, we can share it with the world. This helps others who are looking out for travel.

[caption id="attachment_6632" align="aligncenter" width="665"] Share your travelogue to inspire other women[/caption]


#4. Expert travellers on the community to answer all women's travel related queries

Experts in the community are actively travelling and ready to help fellow travellers. Suppose you wanted to know how safe is it for a woman to go on a solo trip to Spiti Valley. The expert travellers are just a ping away and are happy to help you with all the queries. Members can also talk to counsellors through our dedicated helpline #AskSHEROES for one-on-one counselling across all aspects of their growth journey.

[caption id="attachment_6633" align="aligncenter" width="529"] Experts - Just a ping away !![/caption]

#5. Celebrate the womanhood

Women are free spirits, dreamers who love to travel the world, an urge to discover the new within, experience the cultures and thrive for adventures. We look the world out there in a different perspective and share the experiences with dear ones. It is proud to be a part of team SHEROES - Empowering women.

[caption id="attachment_6631" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Bliss of Womanhood[/caption]

I strongly believe every woman has to travel beyond her bounds and SHEROES - A women travel community will definitely help me grow in all phases of travel life.

Join SHEROES travel community: SHEROES Travel Community
Get SHEROES Android app and start exploring :) 

[caption id="attachment_6635" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Get Sheroes now :)[/caption]

Lots of love,
Smitha :)

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