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8 Best Couple Destinations for a Perfect Valentine Eve

If ever someone asked me what would be the best Valentine's day gift that I would love to receive (Not Roses or Cards or Chocolate:|.. Sorry!! ) The foremost answer on my mind would be a gift of the travel to one of the dream destinations! Who wouldn't love to travel with their darling? Traveling together to couple destinations sparks the chemistry for sure, Trust me! That's a bunch of lovely memories to present to the love of your life.

It is said when you are with your love, every day is a valentine’s day and every corner in the world seems a cozy corner. However, I always dream of those special times to spend with beloved where we stay aloof from the world and the daily routine activities. I would love to seize the time and stay there forever with him. The serene beaches, the giant mountains calling, exotic hill stations or wander in the city of love… That's just the starting of my list :P

Well, if you ask me that you looking for to spend an exotic valentine’s eve with your beloved then I'm here with some of the best destinations I would love to visit with my better half and so do I recommend you to travel with your special one. Each destination will definitely immerse you in the aura of love and provide you with a fantastic opportunity to express your love.

Stay tuned and pick up your Valentine’s destination from the below list.


If you are looking forward to a surprising valentine’s eve with your beloved then Bali is an ideal choice for that. The picturesque landscapes, the pristine beaches, the unspoiled nature and of course the luxury resorts add charm to the destination and make it one of the best destinations to spend your valentine’s eve. Check out the  Bali tour packages and embark on a languishing journey with your better half.

Andaman & Nicobar Island

Imagine sitting with your beloved at the shore of the Indian Ocean enjoying a sumptuous candlelight dinner, imagine you are in a paradise where each element of the surroundings are celebrating the Valentine’s with you and the place you just imagined is the Andaman and Nicobar Island. The Andaman Islands are one of the most popular ones in Asia and people travel from around the world to observe the pristine beauty of the place. Book yourself the romantic Andaman tour package and enjoy your Valentine’s Eve with your better half.


Do I even need to say why have I chosen Singapore as a destination to spend your Valentine’s eve? Singapore is one of the most traveled destinations in the world and the beauty and charm of this island nation are breathtaking. From observing the nature to having lazy evening walks, from adventure sports to meet the marine life, from contemplating the vibrant country to the opulent opportunities, the city provides to the lovebirds, is all that you get here.


The original beauty of Nepal is yet to be unexplored. It is true that Nepal would not be someone’s first choice to celebrate Valentine’s eve but it is an awesome destination to do so. Staying amidst the unspoiled nature, contemplating the mighty Himalayas and observing the local culture will provide you with a perfect setting to celebrate a fantastic evening. The Himalayan trip plans offer a great opportunity for the couples looking for a romantic gateway in Nepal.


Istanbul, the vibrant city of Turkey offers its travelers with a unique blend of European and Arabian culture. If you had ever imagined spending the poetic moments amidst the environment synonymous with the Arabian Nights, here is an opportunity for you. Istanbul is just the right place to spend Valentine’s eve with your beloved. Istanbul is a magical place that you can only fantasize, here is an opportunity for you to reach the place and contemplate it with your naked eyes. Embark on this lovely journey and bring home loads of poetic memories.


Are you wishing to reach the heights to express your love? Ladakh can be a good place for the same. The Pangong Lake, the Nubra Valley, the magnetic mountains, the picturesque Zanskar valley, the alpine serenity around will let you immerse yourselves in it completely. The environment is just perfect for Valentine’s eve. The Himalayan backdrop is what you need to make this Valentine’s eve, the best in your life. Choose any of the Ladakh holiday packages and head for a journey full of thrill, excitement, and love.


Are looking forward to some lively and peppy moments for your Valentine’s? Book yourself one of the Dubai tour packages and see how it redefines your definition of celebrating Valentine's eve with your beloved. Dubai is an absolute man-made marvel in the world. This vibrant city of the United Arab Emirates has completely changed the world’s outlook by developing extensive tourism in the country. Unwind, recharge and reconnect with your own self in this excellent city and try to behold everything within yourselves. Dubai is a perfect destination for you now.


A romantic walk, a soothing candlelight dinner, the calm atmosphere and the beloved by your side is all that you need for a poetic valentine’s eve. Head straight to the city of Prague and get everything you long for, your valentine’s eve. The city’s century-old architecture is worth a capture and it will add great value to your trip. Try to contemplate the Bohemian modernist architecture and enjoy your continental breakfast with a unique backdrop.

Well, now you know the couple destinations list. Why waste the time, ramp up and plan a memorable holiday with your love.

Keep traveling, Smi :)

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