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Spend your lazy Sundays by Spinning yarns in Bangalore cafes

Hola people! Popularly known as the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore is a city that is quite famous for chilling and dining scenes. Amidst the party nights on weekends after hectic schedules of coding all week long, deep down relaxing has always been a better option we have thought about. Are you thinking of ways to make your weekends better? Are you a person who loves to sit with friends and hang out a lot? Then this blog is a must read! Bangalore has quite a lot of cafes where you can have a relaxed chit-chat, gossip around, crack jokes and have lots of fun! Coffee houses, called as cafes now have always been the place where people sit together to discuss the political news and other stuff. Now, time and the quality of conversations might have changed, but the popularity of cafes remains the same. Cafes are now the hotspots for people working in start-ups to conduct meetings, official and informal as well. Here’s a list of cafes where you can check in for lazy Sundays with your fri

The Academy of Pastry Arts - Learn baking and culinary by experts

Who doesn't love desserts? In fact, I would wait for the desserts to arrive at my table during buffets. The plus point of the desserts is their ability to please the eyes and palate in one shot. While I enjoy the desserts, a thought process of what ingredients were used, how much effort and how's it prepared makes me always curious. Because I believe baking is an art! I have realized it in a hard way after failed miserably at my attempts to bake a foolproof cake. Well, Apart from Google & Youtube, I always wanted someone to guide me throughout the process of baking and making the most delicious pastry. Thanks to the Academy of Pastry Arts , which aims at churning out budding pastry chefs and entrepreneurs, who no longer need to look for overseas opportunities to master the art of baking and culinary. The Academy organized a live demonstration of  Berry Vanilla Gateaux - a Modern French pastry by  Chef Kimberly Rozario Brief on the Academy of pastry arts The Academy of Pastr

Sindhi cuisine - Food trails at Sindh Kitchen

Sindh Kitchen, Malleshwaram Positive - Decent fine dining place, Sindh cuisine Recommended - Aloo Tuk, Dal pakwaan, Palak pathha chaat, Kadi chawal The food trails of India are infinite and one among them is Sindhi cuisine. The Sindh, though not a part of modern India, but has its food roots widespread in India and beyond. Sindhi cuisine has numerous signature recipes curated long ago and the food culture is still favorite of many. This was my first introduction to Sindhi cuisine at Sindh Kitchen and I was curious & ready for a Sindhi palette. Sindh Kitchen, Malleshwaram Located in Malleshwaram, near to Mantri mall - A metro ride led me to this place. A lift to the 3rd floor opened up an ethnic ambiance of Sindh Kitchen. The well-arranged seatings with the windows curled up with curtains overlooking the streets of Malleshwaram. The aptly chosen ceiling lightings with subtle interiors and jaali partitions were pleasing to me. They do have a private dining area well maintained rusti


BTDT? , Indiranagar Positive - Great ambiance, food, and Signature cocktails Recommended - Manhattan cocktail, Peri peri cottage cheese Bao, Mud Pie Have you BEEN THERE & DONE THAT yet? Well If you haven't - then you must be there! Wondering which place am I referring to? Formerly popular as HighNote, now retitled as BTDT? - Been There Done That? The name really makes anybody to be hop in here. Located on the 3rd floor, a blue board named BTDT looked small. But when I stepped in the lift opened to a vibrant full-fledged bar setup, with beautiful stairs leading the high roofed dining area. [gallery link="none" size="full" columns="2" ids="7189,7186"] I took the beautifully tiled stairs with ample greenery to the dining area and totally loved the interiors. The ambiance is magical with high spirited colors, inverted boat structures and filament lightings from them.  The table was set up with candle lights and low light added good v