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Spend your lazy Sundays by Spinning yarns in Bangalore cafes

Hola people! Popularly known as the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore is a city that is quite famous for chilling and dining scenes. Amidst the party nights on weekends after hectic schedules of coding all week long, deep down relaxing has always been a better option we have thought about.

Are you thinking of ways to make your weekends better? Are you a person who loves to sit with friends and hang out a lot? Then this blog is a must read! Bangalore has quite a lot of cafes where you can have a relaxed chit-chat, gossip around, crack jokes and have lots of fun!

Coffee houses, called as cafes now have always been the place where people sit together to discuss the political news and other stuff. Now, time and the quality of conversations might have changed, but the popularity of cafes remains the same. Cafes are now the hotspots for people working in start-ups to conduct meetings, official and informal as well. Here’s a list of cafes where you can check in for lazy Sundays with your friends and spend your weekend!

Anything can happen over a coffee, right?

Dialogues Cafe

Situated in Koramangala, this place is put with new ideas altogether with cafe, library and bean bags for relaxation. The place is quite unique at that time is the only currency you have to pay from your side. Pay Rs. 190/hr and gobble up as much as snacks you want. Use their free wifi and if you love books, you can grab one and read there for hours together. This cafe also gives permission to order food from outside and it has a conference room, bedroom, and open areas to sit. Eat. Read. Repeat both when you are here!

A Hole Lotta Love

Yet another cafe in Koramangala is “Hole Lotta Love” that introduces continental food in style and offers beautiful ambiance to sit and dodge on. This place has a wide menu of burgers, lasagna, waffles, pancakes, smoothies and a lot more. The interiors of this cafe are done up in a nice old school theme with posters and LPs adorning the walls. They compliment your food with classic music adding life to the meal. This place also has a small reading section where you can pick up any book to read while your food arrives.

Art Blend cafe

Coffee with a hobby aspires to create a space for artists as well as for coffee lovers. There is nothing less you can expect at Art Blend Cafe. They have board games, books, and crafts corner. Even kid’s birthday parties can be celebrated here at affordable costs where they can draw, paint, and do crafts for presenting gifts and giving away return gifts also! It’s quite a creative place where you can engage kids very well. The cafe is now engaged with other events like art workshops, painting sessions, summer camps, and reading parties.

Om Made cafe

The ambiance makes all the differences to a cafe! Om made cafe is a rooftop lifestyle cafe where you can sip on some excellent hot chocolate enjoying the best views in the city. Release yourself from the hustle bustle of the city and have some leisure time. This place is just perfect for a date night with candle lights. It is surely a peace lover’s shot of dining amidst the chaotic buzz of Koramangala. You can spend your weekends here with music from artists across India with a blend of Indian and foreign cuisines. It’s bit costly, but you can pay it all for the ambiance that overtakes!

Dyu Art cafe

Are you a Keralite? Do you miss home? Then visit the cafe to get a warm feeling and feel like you’re home. This cafe itself looks like a Portuguese Villa and has an English soul in it for sure. Cozy spaces inside the cafe without any internet connection will allow you to spend time with yourself. The cafe also holds a mini library and a professional caricaturist to amaze you with portraits. The cafe offers a wide menu ranging from fresh bread, pizzas to delicious Italian food that you will regret if you miss!

Rasta Cafe

Far away from the city crowd, here’s Rasta cafe situated in a wide 3-acre land which will ensure you not only good food but also complete bliss and fun. This place is flocked with so much of people because of the amazing long ride, midnight dining, ambiance which is perfect for a jar of beer and hookah. If you are a sports junkie you will fall in love with this place because it has a variety of fun and adventurous games to bring out the sportsperson inside you. Head over to this cafe to lose yourself to the sense of freedom!

Yayyy, everything sounds yummy, right? There are your office cabs/buses to pick you up on your weekdays. But how will you reach out and spend your weekends in these amazing cafes if you don’t own a vehicle?

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