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The Academy of Pastry Arts - Learn baking and culinary by experts

Who doesn't love desserts? In fact, I would wait for the desserts to arrive at my table during buffets. The plus point of the desserts is their ability to please the eyes and palate in one shot. While I enjoy the desserts, a thought process of what ingredients were used, how much effort and how's it prepared makes me always curious. Because I believe baking is an art! I have realized it in a hard way after failed miserably at my attempts to bake a foolproof cake. Well, Apart from Google & Youtube, I always wanted someone to guide me throughout the process of baking and making the most delicious pastry. Thanks to the Academy of Pastry Arts , which aims at churning out budding pastry chefs and entrepreneurs, who no longer need to look for overseas opportunities to master the art of baking and culinary. The Academy organized a live demonstration of Berry Vanilla Gateaux - a Modern French pastry by Chef Kimberly Rozario

Brief on the Academy of pastry arts

The Academy of Pastry, India, has its well-established centers in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, and Bangalore, run for and by the people who are passionate about Baking and Culinary. Academy of Pastry Arts is one of the best career options in India, established 8 years back. The Academy has well-equipped facilities and best chefs, who disseminate world-class culinary and pastry education to the budding chefs. The Academy is one of the top 10 Pastry schools in the world and the chef’s team is composed of National Champions, Asian Pastry Champions, and World champions. The Academy’s aim is to provide individual attention to each student, ensuring they have all the skills required when they head out into the industry or set up their own business.

About Chef Kimberly Rozario

The pastry expert Chef Kimberly Rozario shortly known as Kimi chef joined the Academy Of Pastry Arts in May 2017. She earlier worked as a Jr. Sous Chef with Taj Group of Hotels. She graduated from the Institute of Hotel Management Aurangabad with awards for best performance in food production. She has been trained across several hotels in Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi as a management trainee under the Taj Management Training Program. She was instrumental in setting up the bakery and pastry operations at Taj Bangalore as a member of the pre-opening team.

While the chef explained every step with an utmost explanation, I was impressed with her detailing of the baking and making the perfect pastries. The best part was she was quick and did not waste even a single minute. She constantly waved her wand of experience to a magical pastry.  That's how expert chef is meant to be.

Making of Berry Vanilla Gateaux

The Chef Kimberly Rozario hosted a live demonstration of the specially curated French pastry - Berry Vanilla Gateaux. Before the chef began, the stages/divisions of making pastry were defined. Once the specific items of the pastry are set, then each of them is assembled to make the lovely pastry. The Berry Vanilla Gateaux was clearly distinguished as four stages - Chocolate Almond Sponge, Vanilla Mousse, Berry Jelly & Red Glaze.

Finally, as the chef glazed and garnished with berries. Omg! Isn't that looking lovely? The taste was heavenly as pretty as it looked.

The uniqueness of Academy of pastry arts

  • Academy of Pastry Arts follow European trend and the courses are designed on French pastries.

  • Best Pastry chefs of the world visit India regularly providing skilled workshops.

  • Organized & structural training for Bakers, Pastry chefs, Chocolate, Cake designer and Ice Cream Makers.

  • Bridging the gap of Hotel Industry expectations and students level of Expertise by providing a platform for all pastry chefs in the country to learn and share.

  • The Academy presents the opportunities to their students to become a part of their professional community and bring the international brands of raw material and equipment to young chefs.

  • Academy of Pastry Arts maintains a positive relationship with alumni throughout their career and provides continuing education courses for graduates, professionals and food enthusiasts.

Enroll to Academy of pastry arts

Below are the courses they offer

  • Full-time program in Pastry & Bakery: Diploma and Advanced Diploma program ( 6 & 9 months resp.) The course commences from 22nd Oct 2018

  • Full-time program in Culinary Arts: Diploma and Advanced Diploma program ( 6 & 9 months resp.) The course commences from 22nd Oct 2018

  • Part-time Class: 12-weekend class. The course commences from 17th November 2018

  • Special 3 day eggless class from Oct 5-7, 2018

The Last word

It was a fun learning class with chef Kimberley at Academy of Pastry Arts. As I already stated Baking is an art. If you love to bake or willing to learn the baking / culinary, then learn it right from the Academy of Pastry Arts. You can start your own career as young chefs/entrepreneurs in the food industry or just bake a cake for your loved ones and surprise them. Do try out the above recipe and let me know how it turned out to be. Failed at it?, Don't worry,  you know where to enroll now ;)

Check out the official website - The Academy of Pastry Arts


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