Jobra - The dream campsite of Hampta Pass trek blog

Jobra - The dream campsite of Hampta Pass trek blog

This blog series is dedicated to Hampta pass trek - a crossover trek from Kullu to Lahaul and Spiti valley at an elevation of 14,380 ft which is the best monsoon Himalayan trek. This blog post is the experience at first campsite - Jobra Hampta pass trek.

Jobra - The dream campsite of Hampta Pass trek blog

Hampta pass blog series pitstops

  1. How I prepared for Hampta pass trek
  2. Jobra - the dream campsite of Hampta pass trek / Jobra Hampta pass trek (you're here)
and more to write.

Bengaluru to Delhi via a flight

It was August 10th evening, I had rechecked the packing list for the 3rd time. I made sure everything is packed and I'm all set! (Consider reading How I prepared for Hampta pass trek) Well, with all the dilemmas, I could not believe I am finally leaving to embrace the Himalayas. With very little sleep, I woke up when the clock ticked 2 am-midnight, prayed to God for my first ever flight journey and safe trek to the Himalayas. I bid bye to my equally tensed mom :D. Boarded a cab with my friends at 3 am and reached the Bengaluru international airport. I loved the posh airport, felt like a different world :D
Bengaluru airport - The first flight journey

It's my first flight journey and hence I was totally excited. The flight norms were new to me and my friends helped me. I took the boarding pass, checked in my luggage and went on for the security check. Everything went well! At 5:30 am, I boarded the flight and it was a great feeling that I was inside an aeroplane :D Besides that I had a window seat just above the wings. Soon the sun rose and the flight took off. The bird-eye view of Namma Bengaluru looked charming with all the creamy clouds :) I just kept peeping out of the window every now and then to see if there is anything new I can see other than clouds :P. Later the sun became harsh making me close the shutters and I dozed off to sleep.
Bird eye view - Namma Bengaluru

Delhi metro tickets

It was 9 am, we had reached Delhi. I somehow liked the Bengaluru airport than Delhi airport because it was more stylish and modern! The only advantage of Delhi airport is that there is the connectivity of the metro through the airport which makes the commute easier to any place in Delhi. The airport metro looked advanced than the local metro. Local metro in Delhi has more connectivity, other than that It's same as Namma Bengaluru metro. Well, it is needed for a capital city :) We all friends took OYO rooms in Dwarka and we regret it! Because it was mostly shady places and the people there can cheat you on possible terms. Be cautious to book the rooms on the main road only. Another thing is the weather in Delhi was too humid so I really did not feel like going out and stressing myself.
Delhi metro

I'm not sure if I have to mention this. I have heard about woman unsafety in Delhi. I could really feel that vibe from all places in Delhi. The way a woman is stared in the roads, the catcalling on random women and I experienced them, even though it was daylight and I was in a group of 4 people. Really felt unsafe and sad for the women of Delhi. Hope it changes for a reason.

Delhi to Manali via Bus

On the way to Himachal Pradesh - Valley of Gods
At 5:30 pm, we boarded the local metro to reach the Mandi House station and walked to Himachal Bhavan. We had booked the bus to Manali from here and boarded the broad window bus of HPTDC. The commuters were mostly the trekkers with huge trek backpacks boarding the bus. A vibe of the trekking tribe made me happy and inspired. The bus drove through Haryana, Chandigarh, a dinner break-in between and finally entered Himachal Pradesh.

Valley of Gods, Dev Bhoomi Himachal - Himachal Pradesh is called with these names for a reason and I witnessed it throughout the time I was there. At 7:20 am, I peeped out the window to look at the views of Himachal Pradesh. I rubbed my eyes twice just to make sure the view was real. Huge lush green mountains and Beas river flowing just beside them with an aura of mist traversing on the river surface. It was a sight to watch, looked like a dream destination. (Make sure you have booked the right-hand side seat to get these amazing views).

Dev Bhoomi Himachal - Look at the aura of mist
At 10:30 am, we arrived at the Manali bus stop. The weather was slightly chilling and we started to enquire for an auto. Upon good bargain, we paid Rs.200 for 3 people to reach the Keylinga Inn in Prini, which is the basecamp for India hikes Hampta pass trek. We were supposed to report in Keylinga Inn at 11:30 am and we were 40mins before, so we freshened up here with a basic washroom and got ready with the backpacks. We walked in the road to find a decent restaurant to have the breakfast - Aloo paratha and Maggi. The tea served was super sweet which showed me how sweet tooth were people of Manali. Apple trees were grown in abundance like normal show plants here.

View of Manali

When we reached back to the restaurant, we saw a good crowd of 25 people under a roof, the companions of the next 5 days. The trek co-ordinator handed us the health card and mentioned the initial readings of the body condition. He also guided us on what to expect on the trek with do's and dont's. A round of introduction of all and a great lunch marked a great start of the journey. Also, rentals will be provided here from IndiaHikes for already booked stuff.

Briefing session by co-ordinator

Drive from Manali - Allain Barrage via jeep

The sun was quite high on us and we were all set with our backpack. The first stretch is a jeep drive from Keylinga Inn to the Allain barrage It takes around an hour drive with 42 sharp hairpin bends. The driver needs to be skilled here and he looked chill while driving playing his Bollywood retro playlist. The curves gave the thrill and the drive offered us amazing views of Manali which looked like a small hamlet as we ascended.
Jeep drive from Manali to trek start point

On the other hand, we were entering the untouched mountains with pine trees adding beauty to them. We crossed few hamlets with juicy apple trees grown all around which tempted us. We finally reached the Allain barrage. We had scaled from 6726ft (Manali) to 9300ft in this drive, which is crazy for less than an hour. We got down to witness the still mountains with the mist on and off them gradually. It looked beautiful and small streams flowing here added more beauty to the place.
The gorgeous views as we scaled
The start point of the Hampta pass trek

The first camp Jobra Hampta pass trek

After a briefing session and trek instructions, our local trek leaders Narendra and Dhiju would lead and sweep the trek and IndiaHikes coordinator would be the middleman. The opted offloading of the backpack is done here and the mules will carry the backpacks from camp to camp. It started drizzling in no time and we geared up in the rain suits and started the trek. The initial stretch of this trek is through the thick forests with the scents of cedar and pine trees.
Through the forests we go to find ours souls
Our trek lead - Dhiju bhai :)
The first glimpse of Rani Nallah river
Soon we crossed a small bridge of a mountain stream Rani Nallah river, the first glimpse of the river which would accompany us throughout the trek. After trekking uphill, we entered a great landscape, tall cedar trees across a valley forming a beautiful meadow. We could spot the yellow tents of India Hikes. There we arrived at the first campsite - Jobra. The campsite is literally my secret dream destination even now.
As the meadows uncover the path
Looked magical as ever

Arriving at Jobra Hampta pass trek

We were overjoyed that we reached our campsite and it was drizzling all over. It was around 5:30 pm, we chose which tents to stay in and dumped the backpacks. These were 4 men tents and 3 of us occupied the tents. Every minute we could see the climate change. From mist to drizzles to clouds to clear sky, Oops! It was too much to predict for us! The trek co-ordinator announced in a high voice to assemble at the dining area for snacks. I was truly happy to see the pakoras and chai :) I took them, came out to settle on a rock just beside the river and mountains and enjoyed every sip of chai :) What more to ask for? I just sat there overlooking the valley and relaxing every breath. A timelapse session of clouds and mist made me happy than ever. The chai was getting colder in no time, so had to sip in tension :D The most photogenic campsite of the trek to be true.
The magnificient views of Jobra campsite
Wild flowers of Jobra
Chai and pakoras :)
At 7:30 pm, there was a call for dinner. I must thank IndiaHikes for providing good homemade food in the mountains, that's like heaven!  During the dinner, the trek co-ordinator took the pulse rate and oxygen levels. He guided us to drink more water and have good amount of food. Also, he suggested taking Diamox for first-timers. Due to moisture in the climate, we don't feel like having water, but it is really necessary to stay hydrated throughout the trek. Another adventure is to reach the washrooms situated at an elevated place, which accounts for a small trek :P. They are dry toilets, which were really uncomfortable at least to me. But there is no option, so be prepared :D
Hot food served at the camp
After dinner, we saw the temperature of the valley dropped drastically. It started raining and getting colder in no time. We wrapped into the sleeping bags and dozed off to sleep. It rained all night and we could literally hear the music of running water stream all night. It was like therapy in itself to relax from the chaos.
Look at the drop in temperature

Drastically it started drizzling
The long exposure shot of the stream
Few of the trek groups continue to trek further and camp at Chika, But IndiaHikes makes sure the trekkers get acclimatise overnight and then proceed further. IndiaHikes maintains 3 timings 6-wake up call, 7-breakfast,  8-depart from the camp. So the next day we would be waking up at 6 am. Let's trek and watch hows the next campsite Jwara. Stay tuned.

Important tips

  1. Reach Manali a day in advance for good acclimatization. Consider staying in Old Manali.
  2. Book the right-hand side of the bus from Delhi to Manali for great views of Beas river.
  3. Wear dry fit trek wear during the trek and keep raincoats handy.
  4. Change to dry clothes immediately once you reach camp if you are drenched. Otherwise, layer up for the night.
  5. Drink water as and when you stop during the trek. It's necessary to stay hydrated.
  6. Cover your head and extremities to avoid heat loss from the body if the temperature drops.
  7. Consider sharing food in the same tiffin box, because washing the boxes in cold water is a tough task.
  8. Consider taking Diamox as per the trek lead's say! Also once started, continue it strictly. It increases the body's capacity to take in more oxygen. It increases urination rate and tingling sensation, which is normal. So no need to worry!
  9. Carry dry fruits which can boost up energy when tired.
  10. Please do not litter any waste in the mountains. Take them with you and dispose once you reach back. Please save it for future generations.
This was the first campsite Jobra Hampta pass trek experience. If you have any queries, please email me or add comments here.

Also, Sagar has compiled a great playlist of the Hampta pass trek experience. Subscribe to SakreCubes channel.

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