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Spend your lazy Sundays by Spinning yarns in Bangalore cafes

Hola people! Popularly known as the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore is a city that is quite famous for chilling and dining scenes. Amidst the party nights on weekends after hectic schedules of coding all week long, deep down relaxing has always been a better option we have thought about. Are you thinking of ways to make your weekends better? Are you a person who loves to sit with friends and hang out a lot? Then this blog is a must read! Bangalore has quite a lot of cafes where you can have a relaxed chit-chat, gossip around, crack jokes and have lots of fun! Coffee houses, called as cafes now have always been the place where people sit together to discuss the political news and other stuff. Now, time and the quality of conversations might have changed, but the popularity of cafes remains the same. Cafes are now the hotspots for people working in start-ups to conduct meetings, official and informal as well. Here’s a list of cafes where you can check in for lazy Sundays with your fri

York St. Cafe - Koramangala, Bengaluru

There is nothing peaceful in the world when It comes to chilling out in cafes with a mug of strong coffee. Whenever I head to visit a cafe, I would be curious to experience the ambience, food and how chilled the cafe would be to hang out. Koramangala and Indiranagar are my food addas when it comes to food.  York St Koramangala  is one of the cosy cafes located in the heart of lively locality of Koramangala. A lazy evening turned out to be fun and memorable when we visited this cafe. We drove to Koramangala 5th block on a busy evening and this cafe is located right on the 1st A cross opposite to McDonald's. There is no defined parking lot as such, we just managed to park along the roadside at our own risk (which was disappointing). The cafe looked great from the road.We took stairs to the second floor and stepped into the cafe. Ambience When we entered a light logo of York St. welcomed us. Elegant filaments lightings wrapped in rope was the main attraction of the cafe. Beauti