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White Water Rafting Dandeli - Through the rapids of River Kali

The clock ticked 1 pm! Overhearing the harmony of the birds at Old Magazine house , I had completely surrendered myself to the nature of Dandeli already. Casual conversations with fellow visitors popped up the topic of  White water rafting Dandeli and I felt curious as they narrated their previous rafting experiences. Rafting was on my wishlist from long and appeared to get fulfilled in Dandeli. Immediately, I communicated to the resort officials to arrange river rafting and they said they would check if it's available on that day. I was under the impression that rafting is available all days due to the free-flowing  Kali river. But that’s not the case and the reason being the Supa dam . Before Kali river flows through Dandeli, it crosses Supa dam. The flow of the river then depends on the Supa dam gates and so the river rafting in Dandeli totally depends on Supa dam opening the dam gates . If the flow is not massive, then the rafting is not allowed. If the rafting is performed o

Old Magazine House, Dandeli - The Bird watchers Paradise

Have you ever heard of Dandeli ? A few years ago, I came to know about it from my friends - and the word that followed Dandeli was Whitewater rafting. Yes, Dandeli is the well known - unique destination in south India for white water rafting.  This is known by many, but what’s more in Dandeli always pondered me. A place that has chances of river rafting must be well amidst nature ,  right? Well, why not explore what's more in Dandeli. This was the only thought I had and I decided to explore Dandeli this weekend. What I discovered on visiting Dandeli is a ton of experiences which I have curated in these series of posts. This post is dedicated to Old Magazine house and Birds of Dandeli. Brief on Dandeli A small town situated in Uttara Karnataka district , right in the lap of dense nature - Dandeli - the perfect destination for nature lovers, adventure enthusiasts, wildlife photographers, bird watchers and explorers. It is well known for adventurous water sports from the popular W