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Old Magazine House, Dandeli - The Bird watchers Paradise

Have you ever heard of Dandeli ? A few years ago, I came to know about it from my friends - and the word that followed Dandeli was Whitewater rafting. Yes, Dandeli is the well known - unique destination in south India for white water rafting.  This is known by many, but what’s more in Dandeli always pondered me. A place that has chances of river rafting must be well amidst nature ,  right? Well, why not explore what's more in Dandeli. This was the only thought I had and I decided to explore Dandeli this weekend. What I discovered on visiting Dandeli is a ton of experiences which I have curated in these series of posts. This post is dedicated to Old Magazine house and Birds of Dandeli. Brief on Dandeli A small town situated in Uttara Karnataka district , right in the lap of dense nature - Dandeli - the perfect destination for nature lovers, adventure enthusiasts, wildlife photographers, bird watchers and explorers. It is well known for adventurous water sports from the popular W