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Mullayanagiri - Highest Peak of Karnataka !

Post Monsoon, the Western Ghats of Karnataka welcomes  the adventurous trekkers. One can rediscover the beautiful greenery, cool breeze, mountain views and nature's spirit.The Western Ghats encloses several mountain ranges and is home to various flora and fauna. Among which, the highest peak of Karnataka - Mullayanagiri (6,300 feet) is a paradise to trekkers. The peak is located in the western ghats of Chikmagalur. It derives its name from the tomb of Saint Mulappa Swamy, which is located at the peak. The saint is said to have meditated in the caves surrounding this hill. A small Shiva temple exists on the summit. You can see the complete Western Ghat ranges from the summit. Highlights : [caption id="attachment_3021" align="alignright" width="300"] NH4[/caption] Distance from Bengaluru : 280 km Places to explore  : Mullayanagiri Mode of transport : Car / TT Type : Trek, Nature Ideal for : Friends Companions : 15 friends Budget : Fuel and Food.