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Mandaragiri hills / Basadi Betta - Sunset moments

Watch more sunsets than Netflix :P. I have always fallen in love with sunsets :). The hues on the skies with different patterns every day, tells a story in itself. This post is dedicated to one such sunset moments. Previously, we had an adventurous trek at Shivagange and were heading back to Bengaluru. It was 4:45 pm when we stopped at the Kamat restaurant. While we munched on the masala dose and Mirchi bajji. Somehow the discussion turned to watch the sunset and then returning to Bengaluru. That was a crazy sudden idea and we knew that Mandaragiri hills a.k.a Basadi betta was just 20mins away from us. The next minute we started heading towards the hills to watch the sunset of the day.  I have been to Mandaragiri hills before on a bright day. I would probably write a detailed post on the place sometime later. So this would be a very short post on the moments of sunset. Mandara Giri hills / Basadi betta On a quick note, Mandaragiri hills a.k.a Basadi betta is an abode of Jainism which d

Shivagange trek - Let's get adventorous!

Sipping my coffee on a Friday evening and watching the monsoon rains pattering from my balcony. I said to myself - "It's time for a ride tomorrow morning". Within no time, the crew was set!  Where to? - A quick one! Alright, Shivagange trek was on my list. Although my mom defends that we had been there when I was a kid and she was the only one among us who could get the Olkal theertha (the sacred spring water, read on). Anyways, coming back, even though it's very close around 50kms from  Bengaluru,  I don’t remember trekking that hill.  Without any more plan, we woke up in the morning and started the journey at 7 am. Brief on Shivagange hills Shivagange hills is a perfect weekend getaway with a combination of moderate trekking and spiritual miracles. From the trekking point, the place is ideal for moderate day trek with ample steep trails. From a religious point, the place is dedicated to Gangadhareshwara - a form of Shiva Linga. An interesting miracle here is that a

Makalidurga trek - Hiking the hill fort

A long weekend with no plans! It was a winter evening and I curled up warmly in the room. Scrolling the Facebook newsfeed, an event from Decathlon Anubhava popped up in my news feed - Makalidurga trek on 28th Jan 2018, Sunday . Makalidurga was on my travel list since long. Also, trekking with a group organised by Decathlon was another experience I always wanted to put myself to. The brighter side of such organised treks will be an opportunity to meet new people. So without any second thoughts, I registered for the event and asked my friend Sagar (read his informative blog on Makalidurga) also to register. Brief on Makalidurga trek Makalidurga hills trek is one of the ideal getaways from Bangalore. It comprises of beautiful blue skies, vast lake views, railway line running through the hills, a rich history and a fort atop .  As a reason, its an abode for trekkers, nature lovers, and also a history buff. The day trek will definitely refresh the mind and body and the night trek will fet