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Heritage Winery - SULA wine tour and tasting

It was 11 am in the morning when we bid adieu to SRS hills and DevaraKere lake .  Channapatna has notable wineries and the tropical climatic conditions here are suitable for grape cultivation yielding great sugar content.  We had the whole day with us and we started driving towards Heritage wine tour , which is located in Channapatna. Honestly speaking, I'm not a connoisseur of wines or a tippler , who regularly grabs a drink often. Still, I was curious to know how wines are made, how would it be to walk in a vineyard with grapes in full glory. This inquisitive feeling made me pay a visit to Heritage Winery. Journey There were two routes to reach - 1. the Mysore road highway and 2. the countryside route via Bylalu to reach Channapatna . Instead of choosing the highway, we chose to ride on countryside road just to take a glimpse of village life. Shady trees along the roadsides, fresh unpolluted air to recuperate, calm lakes and endless green farms. It was worth a drive along this r

Makalidurga trek - Hiking the hill fort

A long weekend with no plans! It was a winter evening and I curled up warmly in the room. Scrolling the Facebook newsfeed, an event from Decathlon Anubhava popped up in my news feed - Makalidurga trek on 28th Jan 2018, Sunday . Makalidurga was on my travel list since long. Also, trekking with a group organised by Decathlon was another experience I always wanted to put myself to. The brighter side of such organised treks will be an opportunity to meet new people. So without any second thoughts, I registered for the event and asked my friend Sagar (read his informative blog on Makalidurga) also to register. Brief on Makalidurga trek Makalidurga hills trek is one of the ideal getaways from Bangalore. It comprises of beautiful blue skies, vast lake views, railway line running through the hills, a rich history and a fort atop .  As a reason, its an abode for trekkers, nature lovers, and also a history buff. The day trek will definitely refresh the mind and body and the night trek will fet