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Bangalore Palace - Castle and Royalty

Bangalore palace ! On hearing the word palace, most of the Bangaloreans imagine Royal Mysore Palace. Only a few of us might have visited the grand Bangalore Palace. Yes! being born and brought up in Bangalore, I had never been to this palace. Bangalore has changed so much as a metropolitan city over a decade. With all these changes apart, the Bangalore Palace stands still depicting the royalty, history and luxury. It is located in the hub of the city spread over a wide area and a perfect place to spend a weekend. Finally, with my college friends,  I decided to rediscover our own city. The first sight of Bangalore palace was impressive, a perfect royal castle. The ferns covering the exteriors gave a natural look to the castle. I have heard that the palace is duple of Windsor Castle, London. However, the audio guide revealed that it was built in the Tudor style by Maharaja of Mysore - Sri Chamarajendra Wodeyar X. As we entered, the elegant entrance excited me. We bought our tickets (cost

10 reasons why everyone should travel !

Most humans crave routine. It keeps us efficient, organised and ultimately comfortable. Too much routine for too long makes us numb. It’s hard to notice things you see every day, hard to challenge yourself with all the things you do over and over. Breaking the routine – making yourself uncomfortable – is key to learning, to feeling more alive, and to being receptive. It wakes you up. Travel is a good way to make all this happen. Find out how : 1. Refresh your mind   You don't get bored from the daily life ? Sometimes you think that's the limit you can't take anymore. if you are getting this kind of feeling you need a break. Refresh your mind. Go somewhere you don't will regain your energy by this.leave your cellphone at home. just take your camera. and start to discover new things. 2. Discover who you are   Travelling can be great for self discovery. All the challenges and opportunities travel lays at your feet help you discover who you are in a way that’s on

Devarayanadurga - Exploring rocks and hills

After exploring Namadha Chilume,we headed towards Devarayanadurga, which is less than a kilometer. Devarayanadurga is a small hill station in Tumkur. The huge rocky hills are surrounded by forest. The place is amidst nature and gives you great views of the town. The hills are at an altitude of 3940 feet. The road includes few moderate sharp curves. At the base of the hill is the Bhoganarasimha temple and on the top of the hill is the Yoganarasimha temple. The Yoganarasimha temple on the top of the hill is installed by lord Brahma and the Bhoganarasimha is installed by Durvasa rushigalu. [caption id="attachment_1758" align="alignnone" width="5184"] The motorable road to the hilltop[/caption] Sooner we reached the foothill. Take the left turn to visit Bhoganarasimha temple or continue straight along the hills to reach Yoganarasimha temple. There are steps foothill to reach the top. Also,there is a motorable path to reach the top, which we preferred. The r

Namada Chilume - Spring of Tilaka

Many times, we plan and visit places situated far away from Bengaluru. In this chase, we forget to visit and admire closer to us. This weekend I had the same thought. Tumkur is the neighbouring district of Namma Bengaluru. I had visited Tumkur, but to the same handful of places. When I researched, I was surprised to see Tumkur is much more. I messaged my friend circle and without any second thoughts, all were ready. Woot! :D Namadha Chilume was the first place in the list of exploring Tumkur. Highlights : Distance from Bengaluru : 70 km Places explored : Namadha Chilume, Deer Park. Mode of transport : Car Type : Weekend, Nature, Sight-seeing Ideal for : Friends, Couples & Family Companions : 6 friends (Me, Teju, Rakshit, Prasant, Pradeep, Tharun) Budget : Fuel, Food. Mode of Transport Tumkur is just 1 to 2 hours from Bengaluru. It's an awesome and nearest weekend getaway from the city. Tumkur is reachable by train, bus and private vehicles. The neare