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Pyramid Valley and Art of living - Rediscover Inner peace

The quieter you become, the more you hear. Yes!! Between all these adventurous journeys of life, there were invisible walls in my mind I wanted to crack. This drive towards inner peace needed a calm and spiritual place, off the city to embrace the incoming thoughts. Upon checking out, my friend suggested me two such places - Pyramid Valley and Art of living. I mostly include my parents, when I visit religious and spiritual places. They do enjoy them. After visiting Omkar hills, we had the whole afternoon and evening with us. Just suggested my parents on visiting these two places. Kudos to their energy and we were set to drive to Pyramid Valley via Kanakapura road. Although Art of living is nearer, we scheduled it to the evening as there would be beautiful lightings and great view. Pyramid Valley Pyramid valley is the best meditation centre I have visited so far. It has been a centre for promoting pyramid energy, self-realization and spiritual science. Pyramid Valley is situated 30kms f

Omkar hills - An abode of peace

With Shrungagiri Shanmuka temple behind us, it was onward to Omkar hills, which was around 5kms further. In 15mins, I could notice the white temple tower standing tall touching the blue skies and in few minutes, we finally reached Omkar hills at 11 am. [caption id="attachment_3786" align="alignnone" width="1048"] Dwadasha Jyotirlinga Temple view[/caption] Brief on the place: Omkar hills - As the name itself contains the spiritual incantation "OM" , so is the place - an abode of spirituality and peace. The main attraction of the hills is the Dwadasha jyotirlinga temple . The other areas of interests are Sarva dharma Samanvaya, Matsya Narayana temple, huge HMT Clock tower and Dhyana Mandira. The view from the hills is fantastic and also this is one of the highest points of the city i.e. 2800ft above sea level. The place is suggested to be visited early morning for cooler breeze and peaceful atmosphere. The place is lesser known for a weekend

Shrungagiri Shanmukha temple - An Architectural Marvel

The famous saying "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" was echoing around me all week. Besides hectic work at   office, my mind was craving for a recreation this long weekend. With the motive of spending time with family, I choose to explore and retreat them hill temples around Bangalore. Upon research, within 30 km from Peenya, I traced a hill temple -   Shrungagiri Shanmukha temple, RR Nagar . This was a new place to me and my family. The photos and famous architecture looked fabulous on Google. So decided that this would be the first place to explore on this weekend. Gradually, it turned out one hell of a ride, as we covered four consecutive places on a single day !! (depends on your capacity :P ). On Saturday early morning, we were excited to make this outing a memorable one.   Mom   prepared and packed a healthy breakfast even after opposing :P (Typical Indian mothers). Saved offline maps - check! Fuelled full tank check!. We started the journey at 7:30 am. Dad u

Music themed - Melody Wax museum, Mysore

Mysore is a hub of art and culture. The city greets tourists with numerous sight-seeing options. On my recent trip to Mysore, I had the plan to explore the unexplored part of the city. It was almost evening 5 pm, when we visited Sand museum . The sun was setting and we were plunged in the thought of what's next. As it was late evening, almost all the tourist place would be almost set to close. Fortunately, on checking maps, I noticed Melody Wax museum Mysore, located in the walkable distance and would be open till 7:30 pm. Hurray !! This was perfect and we started heading towards the place. In 10 mins we noticed a laughing buddha and superman at the entrance and many boards of Wax museum. Inside stood a 100 years old building which is transformed to the museum. We bought the tickets including camera (very economical I would say). A brief note on the place: Melody Wax museum is a unique music-themed museum. It has a collection of 100+ life-size wax statues and 300+ musical instrume

Karanji - Lake, Birds and Butterflies

Mysore again !! Mysore has been my second home now. The reason being the peaceful atmosphere the city guarantees me. A great sight-seeing place, well maintained and traffic free zone. What more to ask for a relaxed weekend. Whenever I am in Mysore, that one place I would never miss to pay a visit - Karanji lake. Two years ago, my friend Abhi showed us this beautiful nature park. Since then, I have been visiting it, every single time I go to Mysore. Early mornings and evenings are always the best time to visit Karanji lake. The lake is located just behind the Mysore zoo, and maintained by the zoo authorities. We reached the Karanji at 9:30 am. A beautiful entrance welcomed us. Tall palm trees and the greenery excited us to rush in. The entrance As we entered, it appeared as if these tall palm trees paved the way to the paradise. Adjacent to these trees, well maintained shrubs, bamboo shoots, and colorful flowers added beauty to the scene. The palm trees - a road to heaven The colorful f