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Udupi Sri Krishna Matha [Udupi trip Part-1]

" Unplanned Trips are the BEST !!! " The sudden plan Last Thursday, Pradeep pinged me to plan for a trip as Rocky was leaving to Germany. On the other hand, Rocky had to visit Udupi to meet his relatives. So I just popped an idea that how about all of us visiting Udupi, which would be like hitting two birds with one stone :P A quick call to the group, soon  Pradeep, Rocky, Tharun, Shwetha were ready for this last minute trip. Rocky booked 5 tickets to Udupi the same night. We just had 24 hours of time with office errands, nobody had a clue what we would be exploring in Udupi. The Journey Friday night, Bangalore drenched with heavy rains and huge traffic. The bus arrived two hours late. We boarded the bus at 12:30am in midnight. We were happy to see each other. After talking for a while, we were all tired and soon we fell asleep. Next morning, a beam of sunlight through the bus window woke me up. A sense of curiosity, I peeped through the window. It was 6:15am early morning. T

Siddara betta - Trekking the Hill of Saints

The monsoon rains knocked Bangalore on Friday evening and a forecast of a beautiful weekend landed on my mind. Sagar had planned a team outing - Siddara betta trek Tumkur,  with his colleagues and invited me. Meeting new people is one of my resolutions of 2017. So upon checking my calendar, I said him I would be coming to the outing. 25 odd strangers, completely new to me and I was pretty nervous, how would I mingle with them. To my surprise, it turned out to be one of the memorable trips of recent times. Brief on the place Siddara Betta is located in Madhugiri Taluk of Tumkur, 100 km from Bangalore. The hill has an elevation of 1700feet from ground level. The trekking distance of Siddara betta is around 6kms uphill and downhill. The place is suitable for a weekend trip of trekking and cave exploration. Siddara Betta has centuries of history with it. As the name "Siddara betta"  refers to " Hill of Saints " in Kannada. Many years ago, the hills were the home of s

Vishwa Shanti Ashram visit - Glimpse of Mahabharatha

Rains were lashing Bengaluru again. The monsoon winds summoned for a short drive. The NH4 - Tumkur road is the nearest highway to my place. Very near on this highway, the outskirts of Bengaluru has a peaceful place - Vishwa Shanti ashram Bangalore - Vijaya Vittala / Vishwaroopa / Vishvarupa temple. Brief on the place: Vishwa Shanti ashram is located near Nelamagala, around 27kms from Bengaluru . The Ashram is here since long and is believed to be established in 1982 by Sant Keshavadas and inaugurated in 1990. The place is an ideal for a day out picnic and relaxation. This spot has been featured in few movie shoots, mainly famous for the giant Vishwaroopa Vishnu Statue. Journey: On a Saturday afternoon after a delightful lunch, my friend and I started driving to the Vishwa Shanthi ashram. The sky was covered with dark clouds. The NH4 has great roads and a fast drive on the flyovers was really thrilling. A straight ride of 40mins led us to Vijaya Vittala Nagar. Note that the entrance is